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The registration is done through Ircam general website. The same website allows you to book tickets for the associated events during the Manifeste Festival (see the list below).

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Associated Events

MOCO14 is held during Ircam’s annual festival Manifeste ( Several events happen before and after the conference. Tickets for these events can be booked on the same website as for registration, or through the festival’s website.

Open House @ Ircam

Saturday 14, from 15h
Ircam – Centre Pompidou – Place Igor Stravinsky.

Dance/Music: Pick – Fure

Friday 13 & Saturday 14, June 2014.
Maison des arts de Créteil // 1 Place Salvador Allende, 94000 Créteil.

The choreographer Yuval Pick and the composer Ashley Fure explore the balance of power between their materials, questioning sound matter, its influence on dancers and vice versa.

Concert: Raphaël Cendo > Registre des lumières

Saturday 14 June 2014.
Cité de la musique.
“A voyage through time that starts at the beginning of the universe and ends today.” This is how Raphaël Cendo describes his new work for chorus, ensemble, and spatialized electronics.

Concert: Georges Aperghis > Luna Park

Sunday 15 June 2014.
Centre Pompidou
“How do you see without being seen? In Luna Park, everyone watches everyone else. […]”

Concert: Philippe Leroux I

Wednesday 18, June 2014.
IRCAM, Espace de projection.

Seminar: Composer (avec) le geste [Composing (with) Gesture]

June 18, 2014.
Ircam, Stravinsky Room.
[Most presentations will be in French]
Coordination : Nicolas Donin and the Gemme Team

Many contemporary composers frequently refer to “gesture” as a core concept within their music.  “Gesture” has several meanings which are context-dependent: from instrumental gesture (and/in technology) to metaphores of “energy”, “shaping” or “event”.  The gestural dimension in music has become a key component of the current aesthetic and theoretical scene.  However it would be fair to say that gesture has in fact returned to its earlier prominence.  Various experiments in notation, playing techniques, improvisation and technology had already occurred in the 60s and 70s and might benefit from renewed scrutiny.  Rediscovering past approaches to gesture may not only help us to understand some underlying assumptions in current music, but also to sharpen our vision of new directions in the exploration of the body-text-instrument nexus.

Speakers: Anne-Sylvie Barthel, Grégory Beller, Benjamin Carat, Pascal Decroupet, Nicolas Donin, Richard Dubelski (sous réserve), Maxime Echardour, François-Xavier Féron, Francesco Filidei, Jérémie Garcia, Laurent Feneyrou, Ariane Jessulat, Philippe Leroux, Michelle Magalhaes, Jean-François Trubert.